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Breathing Air Cascade System

Cascade systems are deployed to ensure personnel at risk from exposure to H2S have available a safe and reliable supply of breathable air. The use of a cascade system ensures that essential crew have breathable air available during and beyond the expected duration of the operation thus ensuring the safe completion of the work required.

Sabre’s breathing air cascade systems are designed and built by us to the highest possible standards. Their performance parameters exceed all required regulations and manufacturers recommendations both in the duration available and flow-rate. This ensures the highest level of protection available to the workforce in an H2S or other toxic gas environment.

H2S gas detection systems and personal gas detectors are designed to provide the earliest possible warning of the presence of H2S thereby allowing the personnel at risk of exposure to take appropriate action such as donning their Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) to escape or to connect to the safe breathable air available from the cascade system.