Protecting your people and maintaining productivity

SafeCool ACU

The SafeCool Air-Conditioning Unit (ACU) is specially designed for hot climates and tough working conditions. It boasts a class leading 25kW cooling capacity, IECEx zone 1 compliance and an integrated DNV 2.7-1 certified ‘offshore’ lifting frame, making it perfect for providing cooling and dehumidification in hazardous areas in onshore and offshore facilities.

Unlike conventional ACUs, the SafeCool ACU’s Ex-certification allow it to be located close to the worksite, anywhere in a facility, including hazardous areas, avoiding long ducting runs and delivering maximum cooling efficiency where you need it.

SafeCool ACU can be combined with SAFEHOUSE habitats to provide cool environments for hotwork. It can also be used to cool vessels, tanks or other enclosures during confined space entry. 

When your people are comfortable, they are more focused on the job. By keeping them cool when it is too hot to work, you prevent heat stress and protect their health. You allow them to work for longer periods of time, safely and comfortably; maximising productivity.

Conducting inspection, maintenance or repair work around heat-intensive areas of offshore platforms or LNG plants, including flare tips, fin fans, trim coolers or heat exchangers, is a common challenge faced in the Australian Oil & Gas industry. Safehouse can provide fully IECEx compliant, engineered solutions to protect workers from extreme heat in these locations, including insulated habitats, SafeCool ACU cooling systems and PPE solutions.

In Northern Australia, humidity during the summer months poses significant challenges to achieving coatings specifications, leading to poor productivity. SafeCool ACU can be used to control humidity, temperature and dewpoint in coatings application enclosures, providing perfect conditions 24 hours a day and delivering significantly increased productivity.